Adoptable Pets

Our Adoption Process

Because we want to provide all of our animals with a safe, loving, forever homes, we have a brief but thorough screening / adoption process.

If you are interested in any of the pets we have available, filling out a pre-adoption Questionnaire is your first step. We have only the best interest of the animals and perspective pet owners at heart. We wish to avoid misplacing our animals, that would only end up with heartache for all involved. We reserve the right to terminate the adoption process at any point. We appreciate your understanding in the event we feel the animal you have chosen is not the right match for your family.

The Process:

1. Fill out the Pre-Adoption Questionnaire. We will then verify all information given.

2. If all verified information is positive and if you are a good match for the animal, we will set up visitation with the pet you are interested in. We will bring the animal to your home to see how it interacts with your animals (if you have them) and all members of your family.

3. If all goes well and we feel the pet is comfortable with your family and your pets, that it is a good match all around, we will allow you to adopt the animal at the time of home visit or meeting.

4. FIRST TIME PET OWNERS: You must live in the state of PA. You need to provide us with the name and phone number of the vet you intend to use. You need to call the office ahead of time to make sure they are taking new clients. Your personal references should include family members that are pet owners.

5. OUT OF STATE ADOPTERS: You must have excellent vet references. If you are approved to adopt you must supply photos of home and yard. You need to be willing to drive to PA to meet/adopt the dog(s) you are interested in.

NO out of state adoptions for first time pet owners.

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Once you complete the questionnaire, email it to